5 Creative Decluttering Tips

The current era is all about living a minimalistic lifestyle with as little clutter around you as possible. Learning how to de-clutter can be a challenging task as people usually hold on to several unnecessary items thinking they might need it in the future, in the name of memories, or many other reasons. If you want to de-clutter and reorganize your surroundings then you have come to the right place. Here are 5 creative tips that can help you de-clutter.

#1 Categorize Your Clothes:

Clothes are one of those things that most people tend to hoard without realizing it. We all have that favorite pair of jeans or a beautiful top that we think we will repair or fit back into but that rarely happens. Sort out these clothes and donate them to someone needy or a friend who can make good use of them.

#2 Pen Things Down:

Go to every corner of the house and pen down things that you think are unnecessary or make that area look cluttered. Create a checklist to make your work even easier. Once you have gotten rid of that item, just tick it off for a sense of achievement.

#3 Say No To Disposables:

Disposable items, like cutlery and food containers, usually come in bulk. Once you stop buying disposable items you will realize how clean and organized your kitchen will look in no time.

#4 Adopt The 6 Month Rule:

One thing you can do is, if you do not use an item for 6 months or more, you should probably give it away to someone who needs it more. Seasonal items can be an exception like beach hats, etc.

#5 Take Inspiration:

We are often told to not compare our life choices with others but once you find likeminded people with similar life goals, it is best to take some inspiration and learn from them. There are several de-cluttering and organizing blogs online that you can easily benefit from and give your home a minimalistic makeover with the help of these blogs.

With the help of these easy tips and tricks, you will be able to categorize and prioritize the things you need in your life and let go of all the unimportant belongings. Make your house look clean and freshen up your mind by dealing with a whole lot less clutter than before.

5 Creative Decluttering Tips

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